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Adding a post on the WriteSome App

WriteSome App is super easy to use.

WriteSome App makes it easy for passionate writers to share their poetry & stories with the world. Writing on the WriteSome App is super easy and the playful design with beautiful covers makes it a joy to read the poetry & stories.

Here are the steps to write a post in the WriteSome App:

Writing App Design
The 3rd icon on the WriteSome App is used to create a post.

When you open the app, you’ll see five icons at the bottom app bar. The 3rd icon in the bar is called the ‘Write Post’ button which opens the ‘post writing’ screen.

WriteSome App

There are 4 fields in the ‘Write Post’ screen:

  • Category: To choose if you want to write Poetry or Story
  • Title:  Title of the poem/ story
  • One line description: This is the summary of the poem/ story. It makes it easy for the reader to know what your post it about
  • Writing screen: This is where you write your story

Now that you’re familiar with the screen, you can follow these five steps to write a post:

Step one: Choose a category. WriteSome App gives you two choices.

WriteSome app
WriteSome App has 2 categories of posts right now

When you tap on ‘category’ you are given two categories on posts you can write: Poetry and Story. Choose the category depending on the type of post you’re going to write.

Step two: Write the title

Make sure the title is short, to the point and easy to understand. Such titles make it easy for your content to be discovered easily and be more popular. This is a mandatory field and cannot be left blank. After this, you can tap on ‘One line description’.

Step three: Write the one line description

One line description‘ is basically the summary of your post. It will tell the reader what you poetry or story is about. It’s the best way to make a reader interested in your content and grab eyeballs. Just like the title, keep it short and to the point. This too is a mandatory field and cannot be left blank. After this you can can tap on the ‘writing screen’ area.

Step Four: Write the poetry/ story

When you tap on ‘start writing’, the writing space becomes bigger like this:

Writing app
Writing Space is where you can unleash your creativity.

You can write your poetry/ story here and tap on the ‘next’ button on the top right hand corner. Which will then take you to the ‘choose cover’ screen.

Step five: Choose a cover for your post

Post covers are like book covers that represent what your posts are about. Consider them a visual representation of your post’s mood.

WriteSome app
Choose a cover that represents your post

WriteSome App will give you a wide range of cover posts to choose from. These posts are designed by some of the best artists in the world and you will fall in love with them. So try and go through all of them first and then choose the best one and tap on the “Post” button. And aha, your post will be posted.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start posting your poetry and stories today.

Don’t have the WriteSome App yet? Download it here.