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3 Reasons to use the WriteSome app

WriteSome app: 3 reasons to write poems and stories on it

1. Huge potential audience of dedicated followers

Presently, most writers write their content on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But the problem with social platforms is that it can be difficult to identify your target audience. It also makes it tough to judge whether or not your existing audience is actually interested in your work. Sure, you might have 1,500 friends on Facebook or 2,000 followers on Twitter or Instagram, but how many of those people are following you for your stories/ poetry versus those cool food pics you upload when you visit a restaurant? It’s hard to track the immediate ROI of your writing efforts on most social media platforms. What percentage of your followers actually cares about your writing? How can you truly know? That’s exactly how WriteSome is different. Its users are voracious readers and book lovers and are genuinely interested in reading your work in huge numbers.

2. Immediate feedback on your work

You can write short stories or chapters, one at a time or even poetry.  WritSome allows in-line comments in all of your stories, meaning readers can (and will) comment on the things they like, dislike, etc. This is an easy way to get advanced readers — a free focus group — and use their feedback to improve.  With valuable feedback, you may get new ideas or ideas to make existing posts better.

If you plan to write a novel, you may even have readers give you ideas for where to take the story next. The best part? You can see your story’s momentum building as you write it, which is hugely motivating as a writer. Having that dedicated audience hanging on every word will encourage you. And the fact that your followers are waiting for a new chapter will push you through serious writer’s block, huge life changes, etc.

3. Opportunities to collaborate

While WriteSome is a great platform for connecting with readers, it’s also wonderful for connecting with your fellow writers as well. You can form a virtual tribe of like-minded individuals who encourage each other to grow and get better as a writer.

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