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Writing stories on the WriteSome app

WriteSome app

WriteSome is an app to share & discover poetry & stories and like every app it has its own set or rules that its users need to follow. To keep the readers interested and to make it easy for you to write better, WriteSome has the following rules when it comes to writing stories

  • 1500 character limit — Ideal to write short stories

‘Less is more’ is the golden rule when it comes to writing short stories. We want to encourage you to write short stories. Hence we have a character limit of 1500. This is more than enough to write short stories.

  • Want to write a longer story? Write it in chapters.

If you have a story idea which would have more than 1500 characters, write it in chapters. it will not only give a proper structure to your stories, but also keep your readers engaged and make them wait for the next chapter.

  • No limit on the number of chapters

You can have as many chapters to a story as you want. Though we strongly recommend you keep the length of the story long enough to the extent where the readers don’t get bored.

  • You can’t edit or delete a post

This is an experiment (a very risky one for us) where we want you to take every post as a submission to your publishers and as a final product to the readers. We want you to revise and check the spellings, punctuation, structure and logical movement yourself and to be sure of what you’ve written. We want you to be aware, responsible and ready to own the content you post.

Having said that, we are open to adding ‘edit/ delete post’ features in the future if our users feel a real need. But first we really want to try a no-nonsense approach and see how it goes.

  • No erotica

We know there are tons of writing platforms out there that have an ‘erotica’ section and many people love it. However, we want to be clear that WriteSome has no place for erotic stories or content. We moderate the content very closely and it If we find any user writing such content, we will delete their content and suspend their account without any notice.

These were the simple rules you need to follow while writing on WriteSome app. Now what are you waiting for? Download the WriteSome app right now and write your heart our.

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