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Writing Poetry Fundamentals

There are two reasons why you need to know about the 5 fundamentals for writing poetry. First, you can get out of a writing funk easily. Then, the second is your creativity in making poems will flourish.

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The 5 Fundamentals for Writing Poetry Smoothly

Anything around you can be the inspiration for your poem. For example, the ray of sunshine that escapes through your curtain. The question is, how to convert the idea to poetry? Here are the fundamental rules that’ll help you!

1. Identify What You Want To Communicate Before Writing Poetry

Understand where your inspiration comes from and then identify the message that you want to deliver. This will help you set the mood of your poem since you’ve found out which emotion to express. Also, it’ll help you choose words with a strong impact.

2. Decide The Type Of Your Poetry

Then, you can decide how your poetry is delivered. If you tell about characters who are going through conflict, you may want to use narrative. On the other hand, if you prefer something like a song, go with lyrical poetry.

3. Understand The Punctuation Rule of Writing Poetry

Punctuation is an important ingredient in poetry because it ensures your readers read every line pleasantly. One example is you can pause your reading for a while when you see a comma between words or phrases.

4. Play With Imagery & Rhythm To Beautify Your Poetry

Expressing your emotion in poetry requires strong imagery that’ll help build a connection between you and your readers. To build it, you need to involve the five senses when painting the picture through your choice of words. After getting the hang of it, beautify your poetry with rhythmic patterns.

5. Check Your Poetry For One Last Time

In Memoir of the Craft, Stephen King wrote, “To write is human, to edit is divine”. This phrase has become a motivation to a lot of writers because it shows how crucial editing is. It gives you a chance to improve elements of your poetry which you find lacking.

At last, another vital part of writing poetry is joining a community that can support your passion. When you’re ready to share your work with others, you should download the WriteSome app and surround yourself with inspiring writers from around the world.

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