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Poetry writing: 5 cardinal rules

Writing good poetry is often difficult, but it shouldn’t be. There are some rules for composing beautiful poems that allow you to convey your emotions and feelings to your readers. To them, reading poetry is an adventure, and it is up to you how you take them on a journey. How you open the door and lead them to the fascinating and soul-stirring experience with language depends on your approach. So here are 5 rules you can follow to write good poetry:

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  • Find Your Poetry Inspiration

Don’t let the delight of pouring your heart and thoughts into poems disappear because you hit a block. When you look closely, inspirations are everywhere. For example, poetry prompts on the Internet, poems written by popular poets such as Maya Angelou, or other inspiring writers in the community.

  • Get Familiar with Poetic Devices

Invest your time in understanding the literary devices of poetry. Figure out why the anaphora construction lets the poet repeat the same phrase at the beginning of each line. Explore other devices so you can write in different styles.

  • Try Out A Variety of Poetic Forms

For a novice poet, you can try free verse. Using this form, you don’t need to follow any rules (rhymes, meter, or musical pattern). Let your thoughts flow freely!

  • Have Fun with Words and Rhymes

Take your time and have fun in the process. Play with word choices and rhymes. Don’t force yourself to use complex vocabulary because it only gives you more pressure and eventually, you will hit the block all over again. Sometimes, the simpler the better.

  • Reread and Edit Your Poetry

Once you have made the poem, spend some time re-reading your work. If you find unnecessary parts, you may edit them out. When you feel the piece has been effective, and you have checked all significant issues, it means your poem is ready for the world.

Surely, there are more tips, but this set of rules to write good poetry alone can help you build the foundation of creating your masterpiece. Start your poetry journey today and share it on the WriteSome App with other inspiring writers.

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