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Here Are 5 Ways to Improve Writing Style Better

Writing style makes an author unique. Since every writer approaches their works differently, it sets a different tone and voice to the writings. Take Ernest Hemingway as an example.

His writings are direct, concise, and objective. Such characteristics come from his previous job as a reporter for The Kansas City Star. Another example is Franz Kafka and his Kafkaesque influence.

So, you might be wondering now, why is style so important?

5 Ways to Improve Writing Style article on WriteSome App
5 Ways to Improve Writing Style article on WriteSome App Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

5 Tips to Improve Your Writing Style

As quoted from Northwestern University, “The main reason that style matters is for consistency. Publishers of books or journals want readers to have a consistent experience.” So, how do you improve your writing style? here are 5 easy tips to start!

1. Write Like You!

Your writing is yours and the readers should know that by reading what you write. Stephen King also said that it’s best to stick to your style. Start writing like you’re talking to someone you know. Pour your thoughts and unique ideas into it.

2. Long Sentences? Nope!

Truth be told: long and convoluted sentences are bad because they are intimidating and hard to understand. Spoil your readers by keeping a sentence short and easy to comprehend. If not, have at least one idea in a sentence.

3. Passive Voice? Also, no.

Just like its name, the passive voice doesn’t add anything to readers’ excitement. That is because it’s passive and it sounds timid. With an active voice, your narrative is more efficient and the story becomes more exciting.

4. Carefully Chosen Words

Since you want to communicate your ideas and messages through your stories, you need to use simpler words. If you want to find synonyms, you can simply use Google Translate or other sources like Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, and Collins Dictionary.

5. Your Writing Style Should be Clear and Concise

Don’t beat around the bush! Instead, you need to be direct. Therefore, write your stories with clarity and keep them simple. Eliminate the unnecessary parts during the editing and, as Stephen King says, “Leave out the boring parts!”

You can also rely on readers’ feedback for your story. For example, joining a writer’s community in WriteSome App. Our avid readers and aspiring writers will read your work and genuinely give you feedback from which you can learn and improve your writing.

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