WriteSome App 5 Best Poems of 2021

The WriteSome App 5 Best Poems of 2021, Must Read!

The WriteSome App has always believed that poetry is the expression of authors’ emotions in beautifully chosen words. In our app, you can find poems about all sorts of topics: happiness, optimism, sadness, anger, grief, and more.

Since 2021 is going to end very soon, we want to recommend you the five best poems of the year. Let’s go!

WriteSome App 5 Best Poems of 2021
WriteSome App 5 Best Poems of 2021 Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

1. Standing Up (for Oneself) Again by Andre Michael Pietroschek

Let’s start the list from Andre Michael Pietroschek. Standing Up (for Oneself) Again is an inspirational poem about being strong where the person portrayed in the poem acknowledges that life challenges are, no doubt, difficult.

However, the poem also heavily emphasizes that once you overcome the obstacles, you will become a stronger person. You will love the part where he repeats, “Standing up again.” Very motivating!

2. Numb and Dumb by Taha

The next on the list is a fascinating poem by Taha. In Numb and Dumb, you will understand that it’s not always rainbow and butterflies. Sometimes, it’s “pain and loneliness” too.

Though Taha wrote that the poem is about “a loser who can’t do anything,” the “I” in the poem is not a loser. The “I” is just someone who embraces the feeling of numbness and a drunken mind.

3. This To You by Veronica Maged

WriteSome App 5 Best Poems of 2021
WriteSome App 5 Best Poems of 2021

Now, if you’re looking for something optimistic, you can read Veronica Maged’s This to You. The poem is about being optimistic and finding positivity behind difficult or unpleasant situations that often happen in reality. You can feel the uplifting spirit from her lines,

“Somehow, They manage to impact the world. Instead of being impacted by it,” and the way Veronica ends her poem by saying, “Your soul will persist.” Now tell us if that doesn’t make your heart feel warm!

4. On Earth as It Is in Heaven by Arnie

Arnie wrote On Earth as It Is in Heaven to say that world peace is almost impossible to achieve. In the poem, Arnie also highlights the fact that the human race is very far from attaining peace by saying that the “misuse of power and the misguided minds” make the Earth far from its heavenly fate.

See? That’s why this poem is highly recommended to read!

5. The Metal Cabinet by Alexis Jones

Then, to end the list of the WriteSome App best poems selection of 2021, you must read Alexis Jones’ The Metal Cabinet. When reading Alexis’ description of the poem, “accepting death”, you’ll think it’s about letting someone go due to the person passing away. It might surprise you when you follow the “I” and the body of “I” is stored in a metal cabinet!

To sum up, these are the five best poems of 2021 that you must read from our app. Head over to the WriteSome App to read more poetry. If you haven’t had a profile, download the app now and join our writer’s community!

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