WriteSome App 5 Best Stories of 2021

WriteSome App 5 Best Stories of 2021 Revealed

WriteSome App has a marvelous time in 2021 with passionate writers and avid readers from all over the world. However, the year is ending and it’s time to wrap up!

So, today we want to share with you the five best stories we pick from our app. Let’s go!

WriteSome App 5 Best Stories of 2021
WriteSome App 5 Best Stories of 2021 Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

1. The Two Halves by Devendra

Let’s start with a must-read short story by Devendra called The Two Halves. As soon as you start reading, the first sentence seems ordinary. “You only like me because I’m like this right now.”

When you continue though, the next line will catch you off guard because the woman in the story is… peculiar. And by “peculiar”, we mean bones growing out of her skin.

2. MAN MADE by La’Garyus Sarrów

WriteSome App 5 Best Stories of 2021
WriteSome App 5 Best Stories of 2021

Now, you’ll be taken to a fantastic short story by La’Garyus Sarrów. MAN MADE is a fantastic adventure of a brave, young man who defeats an evil power.

If you’re wondering, what has the “power” done that makes it so evil and condemned? We’ll give you a tidbit of the plot: the power holds captive an underground lord and it destroys the balance in the country.

3. The Blue Rose by Garnis Sonia

Next, you’re invited to read Garnis Sonia’s The Blue Rose. The characters in her writing are you, her, all of us. Through her words, Garnis wants to highlight the importance of seeing yourself as the main character of your story.

She emphasizes, “When you are like everyone else, it’s hard to stand out. It’s hard to find that something that makes you, you.” Now, tell us if that line doesn’t intrigue you to read the full story in WriteSome App!

4. Thin Line by Megan Dietrich

If you want another fantasy, we recommend Megan Dietrich’s Thin Line. The short story follows a young fellow who goes by the name of Olander. In the eye of the Eternal Ruler, Eero, Olander is believed as a talented and skillful spy.

He’s assigned a job where he has to work with the Kingdom’s selected bounty hunters. But, the question is, who is Olander? Is he really just a spy? That you may want to figure out by yourself.

5. Who’s Really to Blame? by Jahvon John

To close the list of WriteSome App best stories, we recommend Jahvon John’s Who’s Really to Blame. The story is about a brilliant young woman named Venus. One day, she obtains a mission that she thinks is “a gorgeous degradation” and that is to fall in love with an important man, Siyah Starr.

So, those are the best five that we can share with you. To read more amazing short stories and poetry, you can download WriteSome App and join our writer’s community today.