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Charles Bukowski And His 5 Life Lessons That Are Still Relevant

Charles Bukowski is an American writer of German descent, and people view his works as legendary. Why? That’s because his poems, short stories, and novels portray the life of the suppressed that appeals to the readers.

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Charles Bukowski and His Wisdom of Life

Even though his writings came out years ago, his life lessons are still relevant today. Here are five pieces of wisdom that you need!

1. Nurture Your Reasoning Skill

In the Notes of a Dirty Old Man, there’s a line saying, “Almost everybody is born a genius and buried an idiot.” Because as you grow older, people around you shape your perspective. In the end, you may lose your reasoning skill. That’s why you need to nurture it by filtering every information you find.

2. Charles Bukowski Wants You To Be Your Own Hero

Sometimes, motivational talks save you, but it doesn’t always happen that way. It all comes back to you. In the end, you are the Superman of your Metropolis and the chauffeur of your limousine! As Buk said, “Nobody can save you but yourself.”

3. Learn The Importance Of Being Alone

These days, people are racing to hit a million views or reach thousands of followers on social media. At times, it can be out of hand. So, the only solution is to spend some time with yourself. That’s the only way to reconnect with who you are.

4. Know That Every Storm Will Pass

Through his writings, Buk acknowledged that life wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. As a result, there might be rainy days where you wake up and think that you’re not going to make it. However, remember that even rain will eventually stop, and darkness will go by.

5. Don’t Lose Yourself To Trivial Matters

The last lesson from Charles Bukowski is never to lose yourself over small things. That means you shouldn’t take trivial matters seriously. As Bukowski emphasized, “We’re all going to die, all of us.” Thus, he advised you to also focus on the good things.

To sum up, Charles Bukowski published over 60 books where you can learn more about life deeply. If you have written your life experience and want to share the lessons with others, give them a taste of your writing by making a synopsis. After that, you can share it with WriteSome’s writers’ community and receive genuine feedback in return.

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