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Haruki Murakami and 5 Reasons to Read His Books

Haruki Murakami is an incredible writer. He has found his way of expressing a different side of life and imagination. A side that many have described as dark and strange. Through his magic of storytelling, no matter how odd and mysterious it is, readers still find it gripping. And, if you want to start the journey to his world, these five reasons are all you need to know.

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Haruki Murakami’s book “Desire.” A photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash

5 Reasons to Read Books by Haruki Murakami You Should Know

Life often seems too ordinary, but Murakami always decides to go deeper into it and unravel the bizarre as well as wonderful elements. Besides that, there are more reasons why you need to read his books, and here are five of them.

1. A Long List of Songs

Murakami is known to have a deep liking of western literature which explains his knowledge of western culture and his giant collection of western music, especially in jazz, classical, and American pop. One example of many is the Beatles’ song, Norwegian Wood.

2. Interesting Peculiarity

If you think you know what to expect, you don’t. The strangest thing occurs in Murakami’s novels. For example, cats can talk, and the sky showers the earth with fish instead of water. Those are weird, but readers love him for it.

3. Unputdownable Books

Many have said that his novels are page-turners. Other than the magical elements of the stories that hook readers, his descriptions are comprehensible. Even though the plot is ordinary, the story is still enjoyable.¬†That’s why it’ll be difficult to put down his book.

4. The Familiar Characters

Reading books about superheroes who save the world is a fun form of escapism, but it’s impossible to relate. Oftentimes, we need to connect with who we are as humans who have flaws and difficult paths in our lives. This is where the characters in Murakami’s books become relatable – lonely, isolated, or fired from jobs.

5. The Sincerity In Haruki Murakami Writings

You can feel it in his books that he’s doing his job as a novelist with passion and sincerity, especially through his characters. He makes them defy society, but also find meaning and satisfaction in everyday life.

From Murakami and his works, you can see that writing is a form of expression; an act of incorporating our thoughts into what we write – the characters and the plots. So, start your writing journey with WriteSome today and take the writing community by storm!

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