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How to write a synopsis for your story

What is a synopsis?

So, you’ve written your story and are ready to share it with the world. But before sharing it, you might want to write a synopsis for your story. A synopsis is a brief summary of the plot for readers to have a small idea of what your story is about.

A synopsis has two main purposes:

  • To capture the attention of your reader
  • To give them a taste of your writing

Here are some tips to help you write a great synopsis:

  1. Understand your story 

    A synopsis needs to feature the key points of the story such as the rising action, climax and resolution. List the critical parts and tick them off once they have been mentioned; then you can ensure all key areas have been covered.

  2. Introduce the characters in the synopsis

    Instead of going into details about every detail of each character, briefly discuss each characters’ motivations so that the readers have a small understanding of them and their incentives. It is critical to remember that synopsis is written in the third person but in the present tense.

  3. Showcase the unique points of your work 

    The synopsis is your chance to sell your story to any reader; your chance to show why they should spend their time reading your story. There are multiple things you can mention in the synopsis including tone, plot twists, and perspectives. Your tone is difficult to accurately convey in such a small piece of writing but it can help make your writing look unique. Unexpected plot twists are the climax of most novels and what all readers want to experience. Your story, of course, can have more than one ‘plot twist’, and these should be featured in your synopsis. Lastly, the perspective can completely change how your story is read and shared.

  4. Your synopsis should be straight to the point

    A synopsis is recommended to be around 500 words, with the ‘standard’ range being one to two pages. Because of this, you don’t have a lot of room to be ambiguous. Taking this into account, when writing and editing it, you should cut down the excess words and make sure it is all coherent.

Once you’ve written your synopsis show it to test readers, who can be your friends or family members. Or online platforms where you can send it and ask for a review.

But the problem with sharing your pieces of writing with friends and family members is that they might give you a biased view. And with sharing on online platforms is that they charge you money. This is where a strong writers community like on WriteSome can help you.

The writers on WriteSome are passionate writers who like to read and write stories and poetry and helping each other get better by reviewing each other work frequently. If you like reading and writing, you should download the WriteSome app today.

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