Who are we?

We are writers, engineers and designers working for writers, readers and brands. Everything we do is focused on making it easy for writers to share their work with the right audience.

Everything we do is focused on empowering the writers  and giving them maximum reach, exposure and professional opportunities.

Why did we create WriteSome?

Our journey started when we wanted to share our own stories with other writers who love to do the same, but couldn’t find a platform that gave us real value.

Writers have a deep desire for genuine feedback and a search for a writing community where writers love to share their work and help each other improve their writing skills. And this was missing from almost all the platforms and apps we had tried, plus each of them had their own problems.

While social platforms have a massive reach, it doesn’t really have the right target audience of writers. Though there are pages groups dedicated to writing, the algorithm doesn’t really allow a wider reach even within groups.

Coming to the writing apps, they have the right target audience but most of them don’t have much value for new writers and are too cluttered. Some of the most popular apps either don’t have enough writing space or have a terribly small character limit for posts. These writing apps are definitely not for “everyone”.

This is when we realized we need to create one. An app where amateur writers can share their work with others and get genuine feedback. Where professional writers can share their work with the industry and also share tips and techniques with others to help them become better at writing. Where amateur writers could be mentored and given a chance to get published. Hence, we took matters into our own hands and created WriteSome.

Meet Our Team

We’re an international team with members from India, Indonesia and Singapore. Even though we come from different cultures, our mission, vision, and passion for stories & poetry brings us together and makes us a great team that understands problems and loves to solve them.

Wish to be part of our team? You can look at our openings on our Linkedin page for open positions.

Arpit Sihra

Arpit Sihra
Founder & CEO

WriteSome App Team

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