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WriteSome introduces Awards and Writer Coins

WriteSome Awards

We are changing the way writers are rewarded online with coins and awards.

WriteSome awards was created because for a very long time,  we writers, writing on apps have just not been appreciated in a good way. Likes and comments on our posts is all we ever got. Seriously? Is that all? There surely must be a better way to appreciate our work, right?

That is why we thought a lot and decided to introduce ‘Awards’.

What are ‘Awards’?

Awards are digital tokens on the WriteSome App that can be transferred by the reader to the writer of posts. Here’s more about them.What is the meaning of “Give Award”?

Giving an award is a way to show appreciation for an exceptionally well-written story or poetry written by a writer on WriteSome. You can award someone by clicking on “Give Award” in the bottom menu.

How do I give awards to posts? Here’s how:

Open the post you like.

WriteSome App screen

At the bottom side, you’ll see a “gift” icon (2nd icon from the left).

Tapping on it will open the awards tray.

writesome app

You can choose the award you want to give and tap on “give award”.

writesome post

Award will be sent and showcased on that post.

Can I give more than one award on a post?

Yes, you can give more than one award on a single post.

Can I give awards to my own post?

No. You can’t give awards to yourself.

You can buy awards in your account by using Writer Coins to give them to your fvt. posts

WriteSome Writer Coins

What are Writer Coins?

Writer Coins are our virtual goods, and you can use them to award exceptional poems and stories

You get 200 writer coins for free when you sign-up. (We recommend you update the app if you can’t see them).

I got free/ bought Writer Coins, how do I know my coin balance?

WriteSome coin balance

If you buy Writer coins you will always have a balance associated with your WriteSome account. You can view your balance on the top navigation bar by your username.

Can I transfer coins between accounts?

Sorry, but you cannot transfer your coin balance across usernames.

Can I get coins for free?

We may give away coins on special occasions. Stay tuned!

How can I buy Coins?

Go on your WriteSome Profile page and look for the coin balance next to your profile picture. You will see your Writer Coin balance here.

To buy coins, tap on the “+” sign. It’ll take you to the “Buy coins” screen.

WriteSome coin balance1

You can go through the coin package that suits your needs and buy coins.

I got awards on my posts, can I redeem them for anything?

Right now you can’t but we’re working on something really exciting that will enable you to redeem coins for goodies and gifts. Writer awards aright now are a way of appreciating a writer and when you receive one, you should realise you’ve done a fantastic job and touched someone’s heart. It’s  a token of appreciation and the more you get them, the more the world will know you’re appreciated.

So what are you waiting for? Start giving awards to your favourite posts now. Or start writing and getting awards.

Remember to refer the WriteSome app to your friends and et 200 writer coins for free.

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